Welcome to Barrie Community of Christ

Real Worship

Every Sunday is an authentic worship experience intended to bring us closer to God. We uphold the principle that all are called to bring ministry and everyone is encouraged to share their talents. Regular people just like you giving real messages for living well.


Steam Open Christian Coffeehouse


Everyone is welcome as they are! We believe that being in a community is a blessing even if it is difficult sometime. It can be hard to be vulnerable, but we are very accepting and inclusive people. We love to spend time together watching movies, playing games, or just hang out.

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Sunday Funday

Doing Good

Call it outreach, mission or whatever; we just want to make a difference in the world around us. Besides helping people one-on-one, we’ve learned that we can tackle big projects easy as a team. Whether we are helping the enviorment or helping our neighbours, we are certain doing good feels great!

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Spring into Clean